Butterflies & Dragonflies of Sri Lanka

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Yellow Palm Dart - Cephrenes trichopepla (Lower, 1908)

A butterfly species new to Sri Lanka - Species list now numbers 245.

 Cephrenes trichopepla - Yellow palm dart
Male Yellow Palm Dart - Cephrenes trichopepla

In February 2008, after many decades, a new species, Catopsilia scylla, was recorded for the first time in Sri Lanka. Remarkably in July 2009, another species, Cephrenes trichopepla, was also newly identified for the island. Read more.

Sri Lanka is a tropical island that lies off the south eastern tip of India, just north of the equator. It is approximately 250 miles long by 150 miles wide. Though small, it has varied climatic and geographical zones. From the capital city of Colombo, within a distance of 70 miles as the crow flies, one goes from sea level to over 8000 feet.

The changes in elevation, annual rainfall, and the underlying geology has given rise to a diversity of plant species and in different ecological zones.  

The fauna and flora of Sri Lanka contain many endemic species as well as species that are closely related to those of the Indian sub-continent. 

We hope that this site inspires you to take a greater interest in the world of insects and their conservation. If you like to share your sightings of Sri Lankan butterflies and dragonflies, please send us your information.

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River in Low Country Wet Zone West coast beach - Narrow and eroding

Rice fields and hills in South East Elephant crossing river in Dry Zone

Waterfall at Ella in Hill Country Passikuda Beach, East Coast

Tea Estate in Mid-Country, 1500 feet elevation High Elevation Forest around 7000 feet 

Edge of a Marsh near a lagoon in Wet Zone High Altitude Montane Forest, wind swept and stunted. Large Tree fern in foreground.

グッチ バッグ ロンシャン バッグ ヴィトン バッグ オークリー サングラス ナイキ スニーカー