Similar Species - The Blue Tigers (Genus Danaus)

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Blue Tiger                                       Dark Blue Tiger  

Blue Glassy Tiger                              Glassy Tiger  

Though the members of this group look similar, they are relatively easy to distinguish from each other by the shape and colour of their markings. The markings inside the fore and hind wings cells are particularly distinctive. 

Blue Tiger

The ground color of the underside an unmistakable beautiful olive-green. The pale blue markings are larger than in any other species.

Blue Glassy Tiger

Only species in which the forewing markings (pale blue) are different from those of the hind wing (bluish gray), particularly on the underside.

Dark Blue Tiger

The blue markings are similar to those of the Blue Tiger, but much narrower. It appears darker than it really is due to the smaller and narrower blue markings, and the corresponding increase in the dark ground color. The underside ground color is dark brown, sometimes almost black.

Glassy Tiger

Markings uniformly gray on both wings, not pale blue. A much smaller butterfly than the others in the group.

Female Dark Wanderer

A Batesian mimic of the Blue Tiger. Lacks the white spots on the head and thorax so characteristic of the Danaids. Markings on the underside not as contrasting or well defined. On the underside hind wing, the submarginal row of spots are large and circular.

Common Mime form Dissimilis

Markings blue-gray, above and below. Underside hind wing with a distinct band of orange spots on the termen. 

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