Ceylon Palm Bob
Suastus minuta minuta, Moore

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Ceylon Palm Bob

Wingspan 28-32mm. A small skipper, uniformly brownish gray above. Below, the hind wing is white, except for a small area below the lower margin, which is gray. The white area has small distinct black markings.  

Similar species
The Common Small Flat is very similar in general appearance and size, but it has white spots on the upper side forewings which the Ceylon Palm Bob does not have.

Status, distribution and habitat
A rare denizen of the wet zone forests below 2000 feet elevation. It frequents edges of forests and small sunlit opening in dense forest.

It prefers dappled shade and shies away from full sun. Its flight is quite weak and it flutters within a few feet above ground, often meandering in a zigzag path weaving its way through the low vegetation, where it is not difficult to follow. When it settles on flowers, it holds its wings slightly open but with the forewings pulled back considerably to cover most of the hind wing. 

Early stages

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