Common Grass Dart
Taractocera maevius, Fabricius

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Common Grass Dart

Wingspan 22-28mm. A very small skipper, uniformly slate gray above with many distinct small white spots. Abdomen with distinct white rings. Below, the ground colour is light brown, somewhat shiny with white spots similar to those above. The sexes are similar.

Similar species

Status, distribution and habitat
It is common from sea level to 4500 feet elevation and is an inhabitant of short grass in open fields. It is commonest in the intermediate and dry zones. It is scarce in the Jaffna peninsula. 

It is an active little skipper that is found amongst short grass where it spends its entire life searching for mates and other resources to complete its life cycle. It remains within a somewhat restricted area through out its entire life.

Early stages
The larvae feed on grasses.

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