Tropic Dart
Potanthus confucius, Fabricius

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Male Tropic Dart

Wingspan 18-22mm. An inconspicuous small orange-yellow and black skipper. In the female orange-yellow markings on both wings are much reduced.

Male upper side forewing: The sex mark is a black streak above the the middle of vein 1. Spots in interspaces 4 and 5 joined to the apical series above and discal series below. The spots in interspaces 4 and 5 are highly variable in size. 

Male upper side hind wing: Spots in median band not divided by brown lines along the veins. A distinct spot on interspaces 7. Spot on interspace 6 rare.

Female upper side Forewing: On rare occasions the spots in interspaces 4 and 5 are sometimes not joined to the apical series. Spots 4 and 5 completely absent - very rare. 

Similar species
Potanthus Spp

Status, distribution and habitat
Common throughout the island and has been recorded from all the climatic zones of the island throughout the year. Most abundant during the pre-monsoonal periods.

Very similar to the Bush Hopper.

Early stages
Larvae feed on grasses.


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