Ceylon Hedge Blue
Udara lanka, Moore

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Ceylon Hedge Blue

A small blue butterfly with a wingspan of 25-30 mm. The sexes are very different on the upper sides but very similar on the underside. The male is a uniform deep shining blue above while the female is a pale blue with a black band along the front and outer margins.

Similar species
The Singalese Hedge Blue. There is a lunular gray line above the row of submarginal spots on the underside both fore and hind wings. This line is entirely absent in the Ceylon Hedge Blue.

The Plain Hedge Blue. Same differences as above.

Status, distribution and habitat
This is an upcountry butterfly found above 3000 feet elevation. It is commonest between the months of February and October. It is most frequently encountered in forest foot paths and clearings. It is not uncommon in gardens of bungalows of tea plantations, though never far from hilly jungle. Endemic.

It is a sun lover and flies weakly about low bushes and shrubs and keeps away from tree tops. The males often settle on damp patches, sometimes in considerable numbers. The females may be seen at flowers.

Early stages

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