Common Line Blue
Prosotas nora ardates, Moore

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Common Line Blue

A small ' blue' with a wingspan of 20-25 mm. There is great variation in size and color of this butterfly. The undersides vary from gray to pale yellow with many specimens showing intermediate shades of brown. The upper side of the male is dark blue with a hint of purple. In the female, the blue is confined to the base of the wings and is surrounded by varying shades of dark brown.

Similar species
The Tailless Line Blue - Very similar, but has no tails.

Status, distribution and habitat
It is widely distributed and is common all year round in forested areas but less common in cultivated lands and homesteads.

It frequents forest paths and gravel roads. When encountered it will be in some numbers. It is fond of bird droppings and scat.

Early stages
Larvae feed on Accacia caesia and Allophylus cobbe.

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