Dingy Lineblue
Petrelaea dana adima, Rhe Phil

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Dingy Lineblue

A small tailess blue with a wingspan of 20-25 mm. The males are uniformly dull violet blue above. In the females the blue scales are confined to the center of the wings, the remainder of the surface being black to dark brown. The stigae on the under side of both sexes are set against a pale brown background. This butterfly can be identified from all other blues by the two plain black tornal spots of nearly equal size.

Similar species
Lineblues. None of them have similar sized black uncapped tornal spots.

Status, distribution and habitat
Though widely distributed below 1500 feet elevation it is common nowhere. It is found along foot paths and stream beds in forests.

When encountered, it is usually in the company of others of its type. It flies fast but always keeps close to the ground and frequently settle down to mud-sip or nectar. The males find scat irresistible. 

Early stages
No records available.

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