Forget Me Not
Catochrysops strabo, Fabricius

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Forget me not

A small blue with a wingspan of 25-30 mm. The males are a pale violet blue above. Their wings are somewhat transparent allowing the markings of the underside to show through when viewed from above. The tornal spot on the upper side is distinctive but is not crowned with orange as on the under side. The blue on the upper sides of the female is confined to the center of the wings. The outer and front margins of both wings are a dull  black colour. The hind wing has a row of small white chevrons above the submarginal spots.
The  ground colour of the under side of both sexes is a light brownish gray with darker coloured bands. The two black spots on the front margin of the hind wing, though variable in size, are distinctive of this species.

Similar species
See under Gram Blue.

Status, distribution and habitat
A common butterfly at elevations below 2500 feet. It can be seen throughout the year but is commoner towards the end of monsoons. Its habitat includes open fields, scrub jungle, forest paths and hedges along fences in cultivated areas.

It flies fast, keeping to a few feet above ground and the males seldom settle on the ground. Both sexes are equally common and visit flowers of Tephrosia and Desmodium.

Early stages
The larvae feed on Ougeinia dalbergioides, Schleichera trijuga and species of Desmodium.

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