Lesser Grass Blue
Zizeeria otis decreta, Butler

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Lesser Grass Blue

Wingspan 18-23 mm. The male is uniform dark blue above with dark narrow black bands on the outer margins of both wings.

The base of the wings of the females are blue and are surrounded by a large black border on the front and outer margins.

In both sexes, the ground color of the underside is a light brown and quite variable. There are numerous small black markings on both wings; the ones on the forewings are always larger and often a darker shade.

Similar species
Dark Grass Blue, Tiny Grass Blue and Grass Jewel. More information.

Status, distribution and habitat
The same habitat and distribution as the Dark Grass Blue but is much commoner.

Very similar to those of the Dark Grass Blue.

Early stages
Larva feed on Leguminosae including Sasbania aculeata, Alysicarpus vaginalis and Zornia diphyla.

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