Malabar Flash
Rapala lankana, Moore

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Female Malabar Flash

A medium sized tailed Lycaenid with a wingspan of 30-38 mm. The upper sides of the males are dark purple brown. There is a deep purple blue wash on the lower margin of the forewing and most of the hind wing. 

In the female, the upper side is slate black with no trace of blue. The outer margin of the forewing is decidedly concave; it is straight in the males.

The ground color of the underside of both sexes is a beautiful ferruginous brown with a prominent darker band across both wings.

Similar species

Status, distribution and habitat
Perhaps, the rarest of all Sri Lankan butterflies. There are less than 6 specimens ever recorded from the island, all from the Ratnapura area, the heart of the wet zone. 


Early stages

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