Similar Species - Grass Blues

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Dark Grass Blue

Lesser Grass Blue

Grass Jewel

Dark Grass Blue - The row of spots encircling the cell of the hind wing is uniformly arranged in an arc.

Lesser Grass Blue - On the under side of the hind wing, the second black spot in the discal band is not within the arc, but is shifted towards the base of the wing, the first spot is closest to the front margin of the hind wing. On the underside forewing, there is no spot in the cell.

Tiny Grass Blue - A much smaller butterfly. The markings on the lower side are also smaller, narrower and often quite indistinct. In other respects, it is similar to the Dark Grass Blue and the Lesser Grass Blue.

Grass Jewel - The smallest Sri Lankan butterfly. It has no black markings on the underside of the forewings. The five black submarginal spots on the underside hind wing are surrounded by orange scales.

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