Chestnut Streaked Sailor - Neptis jumbah nalanda,

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Chestnut Streaked Sailor

Wingspan of 50-60 mm. Both sexes are similar but the female is larger, and on the upperside, it has a distinct white lunular line above the outer margin of the hind wing. The ground colour of the upperside is black with white elongate to oval shaped markings; the markings on the hind wing are closely spaced to form a band at the center of the wing. The shades of brown, chestnut and yellow on the undersides vary considerably depending on the season.

Similar species
Common Sailor - A smaller species with comparatively larger and more extensive white markings. It has a two broad bands of white spots above and below; the Chestnut Streaked Sailor has only one broad band, the other one (the proximal band) is much reduced, sometimes very faint. The Common Sailor also lacks the black streaks and spots that are seen on the underside of the Chestnut Streaked Sailor.

Status, distribution and habitat
It is a common butterfly that occurs from sea level to about 3000 feet elevation. It prefers lightly wooded areas with scrub jungle.

It is a stronger flier than the Common Sailor and is often seen higher up in the canopy. In other respects, its habits are very similar to it.

Early stages
The larvae feed on a wide range of plants belonging to Leguminosae, Rhamnaceae and Malvaceae.

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