Chocolate Albatross
Appias lyncida taprobana, Moore

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Male Chocolate Albatross

Female Chocolate Albatross

A medium sized butterfly with a wingspan of 55-75 mm. The upper side is mostly white with black borders along the margins. It is easily identified in the field by the bright ochreous under side hind wing and the wide black termenal band. 
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Status, distribution and habitat
An uncommon seasonal butterfly that occurs in the dry and intermediate zones in the island. It appears during the monsoons and is virtually absent at other times of the year. In some years it may not be seen at all. 

Very similar to the habits of the Pioneer but it does not join the migratory flights.

Early stages
The eggs are laid on young shoots or on the upper side of leaves, usually in batches of up to10 or more. The larvae feed on members of the Capparidaceae and are gregarious until pupation. 

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