Crimson Tip
Colotis danae, Cramer

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Crimson Tip

Wingspan of 40-50mm. A white butterfly with gorgeous crimson coloured forewing tips. In flight, the male appears much brighter than the female due to its reduced overall black markings and the larger crimson patch that is more intense in colour. It is also devoid of the thin black transverse line on the crimson patch. In extreme cases, the crimson patch is reduced to just a few pale rosy streaks in the females. The dry season form of both sexes is lightly coloured and has reduced markings.

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Status, distribution and habitat
It is a locally common butterfly confined to the north of the island along the west coast. Its southernmost limit is around Puttalam, where it is uncommon. It is quite plentiful around Mannar further north, which seems to be its strong hold. From there on, smaller populations occur along the coast up to the Jaffna peninsula. It is almost certain to be seen around the Murunkan tank near Mannar during the north west monsoon, often in the company of the Plain Orange Tip, with which it shares its habitat.

Very similar to the Plain Orange Tip. They roost together in large numbers in thorny scrub.. 

Early stages
The larvae feed on Cadaba indica.

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