Little Orange Tip
Colotis etrida limbatus, Butler

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Little Orange Tip

Wingspan of 25-45mm. A a small white butterfly with prominent reddish-orange wing tips. The veins that run through the patch are black. The underside is white, suffused with both yellow and black scales, and has many black spots.
In the female, the orange streaks are usually lighter in color and often smaller, and sometimes reduced in number. Its markings are also more pronounced than in the males.
The dry season forms are lighter in color and have fewer markings in both sexes.

Similar species
The Plain Orange Tip. The apical patch in this species is bright orange, has no black veins, and is not completely surrounded by a wide black band. 

Status, distribution and habitat
There are two distinct populations of this species in the island. The individuals that occur along the coast from Chilaw northwards to Jaffna are small and light colored. Those from the second population that is located in the south east of the island from Tangalla to Hambantota are more richly colored and larger. It lives among the thorny scrub common in these areas, and is often found in the company of other members of its genus. It does not stray too far from the sea and most individuals are encountered within about 5 miles of the coast.

Very similar to the Plain Orange Tip and Crimson Tip. 

Early stages
The larvae feed on Cadaba indica.

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