One Spot Grass Yellow
Eurema andersoni ormistoni, Watkins

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A small, bright yellow butterfly with wingspan of 35-40 mm. Though very similar in appearance to the Two Spot Grass Yellow and the Three Spot Grass Yellow, it is smaller and has distinctly rounded wings with a few markings on the underside. On the upper side, there is a very fine black line on the margin of the hind wing with small triangular marks at the end of each vein.

Similar species
Three Spot Grass Yellow and the Two Spot Grass Yellow. More information.

Status, distribution and habitat
A rare butterfly of the wet zone, seen in the months of April/May and then in September/November. It is confined to wet evergreen forests.

Though similar to the habits of other Grass Yellows, it is somewhat gregarious. It flies more weakly and stays close to the ground. It inhabits forest edges and sunlit areas inside the forests and rarely venture out into wide open spaces. 

Early stages

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