Plain Orange Tip
Colotis aurora(eucharis), Cramer

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Seasonal Variations

Typical dry season male.  

Upper side forewing:  White. The orange patch is bordered by a very narrow black line along the termen and costa. It has a few black scales at the wing bases.
Upper side hind wing: Minute black spots at the vein endings
Under side forewing: White, suffused with pinkish-yellow. The base of the wings are bright yellow. Markings of the upper side show through on the under side.
Under side hind wing: Ground color white with ochreous markings.

Typical wet season male

Upper side forewing: Black borders are wider and the black scales continue below the orange spot.
Upper side hind wing: The black markings on the termen are larger and sometimes coalesce to form a band.
Under side forewing & Under side hind wing: Similar to dry season male but the markings are more numerous and darker.

Typical wet season female

Upper side forewing: Apex is black and has 3 to 5 small embedded orange streaks, usually 4. The orange extends towards the center of the wing a short way from the inner edge of the black border. The white area is dusted with black scales, especially basally.
Upper side hind wing: Ground color off white due to a light dusting of black scales. The black spots at the termen are distinct and are placed at the end of the veins. 
Under side forewing; Under side hind wing:  More prominent and darker than in the male.

Typical dry season female

Similar to wet season form but with fewer black scales, fewer black markings and lighter in coloration. 

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