Yellow Orange Tip
Ixias pyrene cingalensis, Cramer

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Yellow Orange Tip

Wingspan of 50-70 mm. Very similar to the White Orange Tip except that its ground color is yellow. The females are a paler yellow than the males. In both sexes, the width of the black borders on the hind wing and the extent of markings on the the underside is variable. However, it is only in the female that the orange patch shows variation in color and size, being yellow to pale orange in individuals from the north of the island, and deep orange in those from the south.  

Similar species

Status, distribution and habitat
Very similar to that of the White Orange Tip. However, it is much commoner than the White Orange Tip in wetter areas, particularly in the intermediate zone.

Its wing beats are not as rapid as those of the White Orange Tip and its flight is a trifle slower. It also ventures out into open spaces more readily than the White Orange Tip. In other respects, their habits are very similar.   

Early stages
The larvae feed on members of the Capparidaceae, Capparis sepiara being the favorite.

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