Jewel Four-ring
Ypthima  singala, Felder

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Jewel Four-ring

A small satyr with a wingspan of  30-45 mm. Males and females look similar on the underside, which is densely marked with very fine striations. There is one large eye-spot on the forewing and a series of smaller ones on the hind wing. The number and size of these eye-spots is very variable on the hind wing. Males and females look quite different on the upperside. In the male, the upperside of the forewing and hind wing is uniformly brown;  the large eyespot that is on the underside of the forewing often shows through very faintly. By contrast, the female has a prominent eye-spot on the upperside of the forewing and a few smaller ones above the outer margin of the hind wing. 

Similar species
White Four-ring - The ground color of the underside is white, and the upper side of the hind wing has a large white patch distally.

Status, distribution and habitat
This is a much more local butterfly than the White Four-ring and is confined to the hill tracts of the eastern part of the island, with some local populations around Galaha near Kandy in the central hills. It is essentially a butterfly of the dry patanas and grasslands and is rarely seen outside this habitat.

Very similar to the White Four-ring and easily mistaken for it. 

Early stages
Unrecorded. Larval host plants are probably grasses.

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