Tamil Bushbrown
Mycalesis visala subdita, Moore

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Tamil Bush Brown

Wingspan 43-50mm. It shows a great deal of seasonal variation and is very similar in appearance to the Dark Brand Bushbrown. It is uniformly dark brown above and has an eye-spot on the forewing. The underside is a usually a lighter shade of brown than the upper side, and has a series of eye-spots towards the outer margin of the wings. More Details 

Similar species
The Common Bushbrown and Dark Brand Bushbrown. More Details 

Status, distribution and habitat
It is a common butterfly of below 3000 feet elevation and is the only species of Mycalesis that occurs towards the north of the island. However, in the Jaffna peninsula it is rather  uncommon. It inhabits sparsely wooded areas and grasslands.

Very similar to the Common Bush Brown.

Early Stages
Larvae feed on grasses and rice.

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